Iowa Central Electric is very advanced, proactive, and get-it-done in their thinking and work.  We have realized operational cost savings due to their innovation and quality work.  Even though the electrician is by definition the last person to make connections on a construction project, we’ve never been waiting on Iowa Central Electric.

Bob Rasmus, Agriland FS
Jerry & Mark are great hands-on Owner-Operators who always meet our customers’ needs and complete a project within both the budget and our project schedule.
The Buresh Building Systems Team, Hampton, Iowa
Mark and the team at Iowa Central Electric bring to the job a degree of professionalism that isn’t seen often. They were very timely and efficient and adhered to the bid that was in place months earlier. I would recommend Mark and the team at Iowa Central Electric for any project you may be considering.
Bob Hogle Conrad
I’m a first time customer of Iowa Central Electric. They were recommended to me when I constructed a grain handling system last summer.
The system required several three phase motors when all I had was single phase. They came out, looked over the set up and gave me their recommendations. They finished the project on a timely basis and I was real happy with their work. Everything worked smoothly last fall and their service was fantastic. I would definitely recommend them.
Scott Heilskov, Latimer, IA